14 ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Party Ideas

Jack Skellington would be proud!

The Nightmare Before Christmas” can be the ideal party theme for just about any type of celebration, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, birthdays or even a baby shower. If you want the Pumpkin King to be an integral part of your next gathering, check out these frighteningly fun and creepily clever “Nightmare Before Christmas” party ideas for any occasion.

Zero The Ghost Dog

Jack Skellington’s pet is a ghost dog named Zero. Krista Nash shared her DIY floating Zero decoration on her blog, Scrap Happens. All you need is some white fabric, felt, a pompom and wire (Krista recommends using white wire clothes hangers). 

Scrap Happens

Black And White Table Settings

Used for a boy’s birthday party, these “The Nightmare Before Christmas” table settings are black and white with a touch of orange for the perfect pop of color. Shannon at Partying with the Princesses used a combination of DIY and store-bought decor to create this festive look.

Partying with the Princesses

Fog Juice And Wine Glasses

Serve green punch in a glass bowl tucked into a pumpkin shell. Turn it into Sally’s fog juice by adding dry ice. You can find even more ideas like this at Mad Like Alyce.

Mad Like Alyce

Jack Skellington Marshmallows

All you need are some paper straws, a bag of marshmallows and a black, edible marker to create a delightful and delicious centerpiece. Michelle Sterling shared this and other “Nightmare Before Christmas” birthday party ideas on her blog, Avery and Augustine.

Avery and Augustine

Glow In The Dark Cake

This amazing dessert made by Colorado-based Bold City Confections really takes the cake. The baker used special ingredients in the frosting to make the layers and decorations glow under a black light.