14 New Baby And Toddler Products That Claim To Make Parenting So Much Easier

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There are plenty of things you don’t need for your baby (shoes for newborns come to mind). But then, there are those products that deliver on their promises and make life so much easier for sleep-deprived moms and dads. Here are 14 of the coolest (and most high-tech) products that parents will definitely want to add to their wish lists. Some of these game-changers were recently debuted at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, while others were just waiting to be discovered online.

1. Spin ’N’ Sort Spout Pro By Yookidoo

Does your kid scream and cry when it’s time for a dunk in the tub? Spin ’N’ Sort Spout Pro attaches to the wall for a primo distraction so your little one won’t even notice he’s getting clean. Just watch out for the splash zone.


2. Baby Dam

While you’re having bath time, save a little water. With the Baby Dam, you don’t have to fill up as much of the bathtub. The $40 gadget fits right in the tub and you can now order for shipment in February.

Baby Dam

3. Parent + Baby SmartBand By Project Nursery

Addicted to your FitBit and want to expand that technology to parenting? Project Nursery’s Parent and Baby SmartBand is due for a February delivery, and will retail for $150. The parent side keeps a log of your pregnancy, and once the baby comes, it logs pumping and feeding data, child weight and diaper changes. The data goes right to your smart phone.


4. Baby Tracker By Mobile Mom

Exhausted new parent? There’s an app for that! If the Baby SmartBand is too pricey, check out the App Store for the Baby Tracker. Keeping track of all your data can be a chore when you’re sleep-deprived, but using the app cuts out the extra processing for you. It records when and how often you nurse, diaper changes and even the length of naps.

Mobile Mom

5. Electro Dough Kit By Tech Will Save Us

If plain Play-Doh isn’t exciting enough to keep their little attention spans focused, consider the $29 Electro Dough Kit that allows you to add light and sound to your kids’ colorful creations.

Tech Will Save Us

6. Wubbanub Pacifiers

Kids find comfort in special stuffed animals and in pacifiers. What Wubbanub does is mix the two together. Whether your child fancies a stuffed penguin, longhorn bull or the traditional teddy bear, there’s a corresponding stuffed animal-pacifier combo.


7. The Brushies

Turn your teeth-brushing routine into a finger puppet show with The Brushies. The set sells for $29.95 and features four silicon puppet toothbrushes that fit right onto your child’s finger, and there’s even a storybook that goes along with them to help stimulate the creative juices.

The Brushies

8. Skiddies

Toilet training can be rough, but big-boy and big-girl pants still have an appeal for increasingly independent toddlers. While they’re still trying to get it right, keep their new underwear fresh with Skiddies. They’re similar to pantyliners and help prevent stains when your kid doesn’t wipe as well as he should. A 14-pack only sets you back $4.72.


9. Baby Change-N-Go

It’s the hammock of changing tables, and it’s convenient when there isn’t a standing table available. The portable changing station can hang on a wall or the back of a door. It costs $99.99, but having a place to deal with a blow-out when you’re out and about is…priceless.

Baby Change N Go

10. BabyNes By Gerber

Attention, Keurig connoisseurs! Gerber has got your number when it comes to formula feeding. The bottle-prep gadget touts probiotics, no lumpy drinks and no bottle-shaking among its attractions—and it can be yours for $199.


11. Hatch Baby Rest

This device has soothing sounds, a night light and the all-clear indicator for kids to get up for the day all rolled into one package. It’s not on the market just yet, but if you sign up with them, Hatch will let you know when you can order one.


12. Disney Baby Classic Swaddles By Aden + Anais

These lightweight muslin swaddles can stand frequent washings and still stay soft (they’re a cult favorite for a reason!). Plus, who doesn’t like a little Winnie-the-Pooh decor? A four-pack will cost you $54.95.

aden + anais

13. Fisher-Price Revolve Swing

Does your little one like to rock around the clock—literally? Try the newest swing from Fisher-Price to soothe her into a good nap. Fisher-Price is promoting this gadget’s six speeds and 16 songs. Shipping time is one to two months on Amazon, so order now if you’re expecting!


14. Kiwi Swivel Glider By Nurseryworks

If you’re looking to really splurge on a comfortable chair for nursing and rocking, the  Nurseryworks Kiwi Swivel Glider might be just the thing. The reclining chair has a USB charging station built into it. It’s not out until February, so you’ve got some time to start saving for up for the high-tech glider, which retails for $599.