12 Fun Sensory Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Engaged

Play time that's good for you!

When kids engage multiple senses as they play, it helps them build cognitive skills. Exploring the world through hands-on play can improve their ability to discover, classify and sort objects. And sensory activities can also boost children’s fine motor, problem-solving, language and social skills.

The good news is that not only is sensory play especially enjoyable for kids, but such playtime can be super simple for parents, teachers and others to establish. Here are a dozen fun sensory activities that are easy to DIY:

1. Birthday Cake Cloud Dough

The soft feeling of this dough will delight your child’s sense of touch, but the scent of birthday cake and the colorful additions of sprinkles and candles make this an extra-sensory joy. All you need to make this cloud dough is some flour, cooking oil and vanilla extract — along with sprinkles and candles, of course. Instagrammer @craftycraftyjoyjoy posted a sensory bin of cloud dough that looks perfect for a birthday party: