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11 Skills Picky Eaters Could Put On Their Resume

From the restaurant to the workplace, picky eaters know how to get the job done.

For all you picky eaters out there, good job holding your ground. Your life-long commitment to your cause may just lead to a successful career as you continue to cultivate these 11 characteristics that are desirable to potential employers.

1. Meticulous

Picky eaters create multi-layer plans to ensure satisfaction with every meal. For instance, plan A may be to order a Cobb salad with no tomato, but after realizing this entree comes with hard-boiled egg, they move to plan B. When plan B arrives with mushrooms, it’s time to implement plan C and simplify by ordering something basic. Perhaps some grilled chicken and white rice.

cobb salad photo
Photo by nan palmero

2. Excellent Communicator

When asked if they have any preferences for dinner, our friendly picky eater will be able to give a clear and thorough list of all of their likes and dislikes. If you are hosting, make sure to take notes.

list photo
Photo by phunkstarr

3. Passionate

You will see this passion come to its fruition when you say to a picky eater, “Just try it, I’m sure you’ll like it.” Hopefully this question does not result in any physical violence, but I have seen it result in tears from a grown woman, so please consider the costs when pushing this issue.

crying photo
Photo by bbaunach

4. Thorough

A sandwich has arrived with some sort of mysterious sauce on the bun and shredded lettuce has been placed on top. No matter how hungry said eater is, consumption will not begin until each piece of lettuce has been carefully removed and the bun has been thoroughly scraped free of special sauce.

Photo by MICOLO J Thanx 4, 2.4m views
Photo by MICOLO J Thanx 4, 2.4m views
Photo by MICOLO J Thanx 4, 2.4m views