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11 Items That Make All The Icky Jobs In Your Life Easier

No more need to dread your housework!

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Cleaning the toilet and dusting everything from the blinds to the shelves are a necessary part of your home’s upkeep. Let’s face it, though —no one enjoys doing it. But just because you have to tend to some unpleasant maintenance doesn’t mean it has to be a miserable experience. If you have the right supplies, not every job has to be sticky, dusty, wet, or gross.

Here are 11 products that make all the icky jobs in your life easier:

1. Microfiber Mitt

Dusting can get messy, but with this reusable mitt, you can dust and polish at the same time without getting your hands dirty. You can even use it to clean out your car’s dashboard.


2. Super Clean Slimy Gel

Slime doesn’t sound like it would help very much, but this gel can help get out all that gunk from places like your keyboard. Plus, you can have fun rolling it around.


3. Extendable Duster

Having to stand on chairs to reach high up places or to clean out your ceiling fan is a chore. With this extendable duster, you no longer have to go out of your way to get those hard-to-reach places clean.


4. Drain Pipe Cleaner

Pulling hair out of your drains is pretty gag-worthy, but with this plastic drain cleaner, you no longer have to use your hands to clear your pipes out.


5. Electric Cleaning Scrub

No one likes to spend hours cleaning the bathroom floor, but you can speed up your cleaning time with this electric cleaning scrub brush. Whether you use it to clean the tub or the floor, there’s a brush for every nook and cranny so you can have the most spotless bathroom without having to spend the entire day working.


6. Rubber-Bristled Broom

If you live in a house filled with long-haired ladies or have any pets that shed, you’ll want to get this rubber-bristled broom, which can help pick up hair from the carpet. Some people even claim it’s better at picking up hair than a vacuum cleaner!


7. Cutlery Cleaner

If you don’t have a dishwasher, cleaning cutlery can be a pain in the butt, but this cutlery cleaner does all the hard work for you. Just stick your forks and knives between the bristles to get your cutlery dinner party-ready.


8. Mop With Scrubber

Using a regular mop can help clean a slightly-dirtied surface. But when you see a bigger stain, that usually requires getting down onto your hands and knees and scrubbing. This mop comes with its own scrubbing pad so you can remove those floor stains without as much manual labor.


9. Microwave Cleaner

Most people’s microwaves are covered in splattered food, and it’s not fun having to scrub off old tomato sauce from the sides. Soften your stains and make cleaning a breeze with this playful microwave steamer, which uses vinegar to help loosen those tough stains from your machine.


10. Cup Sponge

This product is particularly useful if you have kids who leave their chocolate milk or orange juice in their cups, only to make cleaning the sides of them impossible. This sponge allows you to keep your cups clean without having to dirty your hands in the process.


11. Window Blind Dust Brush Cleaner

Cleaning your blinds after dust has built up is messy and gross, but with this cleaner designed specifically for blinds, keeping your window area spotless has never been easier.


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