10 Dollhouse Rooms So Impressive, You’ll Want To Move Right In

One of these dollhouses might be your new dream house

For those of us who grew up with a dollhouse, it wasn’t uncommon for us to envision that, someday, our future house would look just like it. Since then, it seems that dollhouses have gotten even more luxe. We discovered several so impressive, you’ll wish you were doll-sized so you could move right in. Either that, or you’ll feel inspired to redecorate.

No matter what style your house—or future house—embodies, there is a dollhouse that is the dream house you’ve always wanted.

1. A Dollhouse For Those With A Modern Aesthetic

If you want a chic and modern place with a splash of retro style, look no further than Mad Missy Miniatures. She also sells pieces on Etsy, so our dollhouse décor dreams can become a reality.


2. Classic Chic

Want a more neutral-yet-classic look? Then One Brown Bear is for you. Check out their online store for more.


3. The Home Office You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Need a home office? Yes, please. Mini Modern Designs has you covered.


4. The Kitchen You Wish You Had

A kitchen is another house necessity, and we can’t get enough of this farmhouse one by Moss & Cable. You can find this and more at their Etsy shop.


5. Luxurious Bedding Up The Wazoo

If you’re looking for the perfect bedding for your (tiny) bedroom, Petite Boulangerie will provide you with plenty of options, no matter what the occasion, from flannel to fur. You can find more ideas from them on Etsy.


6. All Of The Bling

Did someone say sequins? In that case, Whimsy Woods may be more for you. You can order pieces via their website.


7. A Nursery Fit For A Princess

Looking for nursery ideas? We love the whimsical look of this one by Bella Bow. You can find more of their items online.


8. Bathroom Renovation, Anyone?

Of course, we can’t forget about the bathroom, and Little Lucciola has created one of the most simplistic and elegant ones we’ve ever seen. You can find more “rooms” and pieces on Etsy.


9. These Miniature Indoor Plants Are Amazing

Did you always dream of having a sunroom of your own? MiniHomeCo has this room mastered. You can find all the plants you need, and more, on Etsy.


10. The Perfect Home?

And it’s official, we’re definitely moving into this place by Lavender Belle Miniatures. Just press “play” below to get a tour! You can see more here, at their online shop.


OK. We don’t know about you, but we’re having major redecorating urges right now.

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.