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This ‘towelkini’ Is A Beach Towel And A Cover Up In One

This is pretty genius!

Spending the day outside at the beach is one of the best parts of summer. But lugging a grill, bags full of beach gear and a cooler to the shore is tiring — especially in hot summer weather. You can lighten your load with products that do double duty, like this coverup and towel in one, aptly named the Towelkini.

New York designer Aria McManus created this swimsuit-coverup-towel mashup. It’s one-size-fits-all — so guess what we’re getting our friends for their birthdays?

The terry beach towel is cotton and measures 34-inches by 70-inches. It has holes for your head, arms, legs and rear — and you can keep it on when you use the restroom.


Those who don’t want their bum to show can reverse the Towelkini to expose their stomachs instead.

Even the tag is special: It has a message about how your “haters” will be envious:


The Towelkini comes in pink, yellow and green. It’s on back order right now, which will give you time to save up: The Towelkini is a pricey $199 at

McManus says the Towelkini is truly a creative piece. It was exhibited in an art show that was themed “SPF” and included other aquatic-themed art.

The artist says she keeps a journal — an “Invention Book” — to create ideas she thinks are an interesting twist on functional objects as art, she told The Daily Beast. She has had it since the fourth grade.

McManus’ other creative ideas include a calendar with vitamins embedded on each page and a headset that “aligns chakras” during phone calls, among other unique products.

The conceptual designer’s website features some of her projects, including this butter candle:

And this bubble gum tape measure called “Tool Time:”

But if it’s strange bathing suits that are your jam, we found some items that you might like. Check out this $13 “chest hair” swimsuit for women that mimics a man’s physique, from Fairy Season:

Fairy Season

Or how about a denim speedo? Yes, this is a product that actually exists, and it’s called the “jeado” (of course). This unusual swimsuit is available for pre-order on the Shinesty website for $39.99.


However you wish to make a statement at the beach or swimming pool, do it in style!

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.