You Can Now Take A Rage Yoga Class That Lets You Swear And Drink

Now this is a work out we can get behind!

When you think of yoga classes, you tend to picture a room of serene, zenned-out people stretched out on their mats. Of course, such an image can be intimidating, especially if you are more “Type A” and less “Type Ohm.”

Well, here is some good news: A new breed of yoga classes is embracing those of us who might not want to check our intensity at the door of our wellness practice. “Rage Yoga” is popping up in locations across North America (in Texas and Canada, for starters).

In this yoga class, you don’t have to breathe it all in and love it all out. Instead, you are encouraged to curse, scream, yell and do whatever else you need to do to move that anger and stress out of your body.

Here’s an image from Rage Yoga’s Instagram page showing how it might look when someone does rage yoga: