You Can Hang Out With A Dozen Corgis At This Cafe

This sounds like a dream come true!

Corgis are hands-down one of the cutest dog breeds around. Between their stubby legs, a body that looks like a living loaf of bread and their beloved peach-shaped butts, we simply can not get enough of these cute pups. Famously cuddly and known for both their trainability and smarts, corgi-mania can be witnessed all around the world.

And it’s not hard to see why. Seriously, just look at how irresistible and adorable these little pooches are:

You’ve probably heard of Tokyo’s insanely Instagramable cat, bunny and owl cafes, where patrons can sip on beverages while being surrounded by their favorite animals. However, you may have not heard of Bankok’s latest animal-centric spot.


Get ready for Corgi in the Garden, a cafe where 12 corgis are ready and waiting to greet coffee-sipping guests with all the love they have to offer.

Who wouldn’t love to be welcomed by this pack?